WICHITA, KS, November 09, 2009 – As the first tier subcontractor to Hidden Water, Inc. (HWI), Solutient Technologies’ Chad Hollaway received accolades for his exemplary brokerage services from Mr. Joseph Kane, Command Radiation Safety Office, Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB), Albany.

The U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command (JMC) under guidance from the Radiological Affairs and Safety Office (RAS) at Yorktown, VA, contracted with HWI to supply a Waste Broker to provide health physics support to various Navy and Marine Corps installations located in ME, CT, PA, MD, VA, MS, GA, NC, SC, FL, and the Washington DC area. The purpose of the brokerage run was to pickup excess radiological commodities and waste stored at the various facilities located within these states and areas. Mr. Hollaway performed inspections, provided expertise on proper packaging, marking, labeling, manifesting, and arranged for the loading and transportation of inventoried materials to a JMC-approved facility for processing, recycle and/or disposal.

Specifically, Mr. Kane commented that “The contractor’s employees were quite professional and easy to work with. The gentleman in charge, Mr. Hollaway, was quite thorough…. They were incredibly well organized and didn’t have a problem with the massive quantity of material we had accumulated. These guys deserve some kudos!”

As just one stop on the brokerage run, the MCLB Albany had accumulated just over a ton of waste containing approximately 6,100 Curies of radioactive material. Mr. Kane further commented that “The work was completed in less than two days with little to no problems. Thank you for arranging the pickup for my command.”

Hidden Water and Solutient Technologies would like to thank Ms. Sally Winn, Contract Specialist and Mr. Frank Whitaker, JMC Project Manager, for the opportunity to provide contract Waste Brokerage Services for this critical project. With 26 stops at over twenty Navy and Marine Corps installations, the brokerage run was completed safely, ahead of schedule, and under budget. Dean Markham, President of Hidden Water Inc., echoed his praise saying that “Chad does a lot for us in establishing great customer relations with his cooperative style, approach, and professionalism at every job site he work…”

Please forward an electronic copy of Solutient's Ohio Radioactive Materials License.