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AKZO Nobel (Filtrol Chemical)

Chemical Processing Facility Decontamination
Los Angeles, CA
Amount: $1.3 M

Background: This confidential commercial client has a chemical processing facility which was situated on a 7.09 acre parcel located outside Los Angeles, California. The site was in operation for over 75 years and Confidentialmanufactured clay absorbents for the petroleum refining industry including hydro-desulfurization catalysts, and Fenuron and Tordon mixtures. Several mixtures contained naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) with measurable concentrations of thorium and uranium. In the course of manufacturing, various areas within 16 structures comprised of approximately 89,500 SF were contaminated with radioactive materials. Facilities included office and laboratory areas, processing equipment, tanks, and storage warehouses.

Scope of Work:

Major elements of the project completed by Solutient Technologies included:

  • Generated very specific work plans, including a Remediation, Health and Safety, Radiation Safety, and Quality Assurance plan for review and approval by ORISE (Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education) and ORNL (Oak Ridge National Lab) prior to work implementation.
  • Conducted characterization surveys at 22 specific areas at the Curtis Bay Depot site consisting of three buildings, two concrete pads, sixteen and land mass areas, and one burial pit. Also conducted characterization surveys at 9 areas at the Hammond Depot consisting of three buildings and six landmasses.
  • Performed remedial actions at all 31 specific sites including the removal of thorium contaminated soils and concrete from inside and outside the buildings at the sites.
  • Established a waste profiling system based on radioactivity levels and matrix.
  • Performed a ‘MARSSIM’ equivalent survey and submitted a Certificate of Completion to ORISE, who then performed the MARSSIM surveys and verified that all 31 areas met the final clean-up criteria approved by the NRC.
  • Excavated, loaded, prepared, manifested, and shipped for disposition 9,732 tons of soil and concrete debris in 98 rail cars.

Solutient successfully performed radiological remediation activities at the site concurrently with facility demolition and other non-radiological chemical remediation activities. The final site assessment was approved by the California Radiologic Health Branch and the site was a free released for unrestricted industrial use.

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