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Safety Light Corporation (SLC) Superfund Site

Radioactive Waste Removal Action
Bloomsburg, PA
Amount: $840 K

Background: The Safety Light Corporation (SLC) Superfund Site is located near Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Past and present activities at SLC include the manufacturing of self-illuminated watches and instrument dials, smoke detectors, neutron sources, exit signs, and other merchandise containing radioactive materials which resulted in contamination of surface and subsurface soil, surface water (lagoons and the Susquehanna River), sediment, and ground water.

Several radionuclides were used at the site but radium was the most widely utilized in the manufacturing operations. Solutient Technologies was contracted to support the USEPA removal action at the property. The scope of the removal action was to characterize and dispose of various containers of radioactive waste that were stored on-site resulting from the previous remediation of the site disposal silos.

Scope of Work:

Major elements of the project completed by Solutient Technologies included:

  • Separated low-level wastes from high-level wastes which had been collected and stored at the site. Approximately 3,600 ft3 of material was prepared and placed in storage awaiting approved disposal options. Solutient personnel utilized significant engineering controls by arranging floor plans and selectively placing shielding to reduce exposure limits to personnel working at the site.
  • Characterized, sorted and repackaged material for disposal including more than 200 drums and 30 B-25 boxes (approximately 4500 ft3) of various waste material previously excavated from one of the underground burial silos at the site. Waste material was comprised of concrete debris, laboratory wastes, and demolition/building debris.
  • Work included preparation of an on-site staging and repackaging area, and modification of an expanded work plan to handle the high radiation levels present in some containers. A process building was constructed on site to manage all radioactive waste material. On-site efforts were supported by Solutient’s mobile laboratory capability as well as portable radiation detection and support equipment inventory.
  • Subsequently contracted to perform sorting and segregation of 12,000 curies of tritium-contaminated materials. Approximately 10,000 curies of Class B waste was packaged and shipped to Barnwell, SC for disposal. Another 1,000 curies of Class A waste was packaged and shipped to a processing facility in Tennessee. This project was overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Region I NRC.

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