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San Diego Landfill Systems (SDLS)

Site Decommissioning and MARSSIM Closure
Otay Landfill, Chula Vista, CA
Amount: $1.45 M

Background: Otay Landfill is a solid waste landfill operated by San Diego Landfill Systems (SDLS). During a routine inspection, radiation above natural background levels was detected and a subsequent investigation of the affected area determined that the radioactivity was dispersed in a soil-like matrix and consisted primarily of Radium-226 and Ra-228. Contaminated soil was estimated at 575 cubic yards over approximately 0.4 acres. The final ‘Sampling Plan Source Excavation and Removal Activities’ plan required that the final site survey be performed in accordance with the procedures and protocols outlined in NUREG-1575: ‘Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual (MARSSIM)’ (NRC 2000). In August 2005, Solutient Technologies was awarded the turn-key work with implementation scheduled for September 2005.

Scope of Work:

Major elements of the project completed by Solutient Technologies included:

  • Performed initial site characterization using Global Positioning Environmental Radiological Survey (GPERS) survey to establish concentration levels for waste profiling and field instrument correlations.
  • Established a waste profiling system based on radioactivity levels, and levels of hazardous and non-radioactive constituents to segregate the waste into four distinct categories that were generated during the remediation.
  • Developed an excavation plan for material flow to ensure that soils were properly characterized and effectively segregated.
    Set up and operated an on-site lab to provide real-time results to direct remediation efforts.
  • Excavated, loaded, prepared, manifested, and shipped for disposition 2,314 tons of Ra-226 contaminated material.
  • Performed a Final Remediation Survey (FRS) to verify successful completion of the remediation which was conducted in a manner to ensure that the site would meet the release criteria, prior to implementation of the regulatory-mandated MARSSIM FSS.
  • Performed the MARSSIM Final Status Survey, generated the final report and submitted to the California Radiological health Board for review and approval. The approval of the plan was received without comments.

Solutient successfully remediated radiologically contaminated soils from the Otay Landfill ensuing that the project exceeded the cleanup criteria and the site was subsequently approved for unconditional release.

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