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Instrument Sales & Lease

Solutient Technologies maintains a complete line of instrumentation and equipment for the detection of radioactive materials, for environmental sampling and decontamination. We provide the following sales and lease services to our clients:

  • Lease and lease-to-purchase
  • New instrument and equipment sales
  • Professional consultation for custom applications

Solutient provides instrumentation sales and lease services to a broad range of radiation protection and industrial hygiene professionals including the Department of Defense, academic institutions, private industry, research, and regulatory agencies. Solutient can provide the following from our extensive inventory of portable instrumentation and equipment:

  • Portable radiation protection instrumentation with detectors
  • Radiation detectors for portable instrumentation
  • Support equipment for radiation protection instrumentation
  • Portable gamma spectroscopy equipment
  • In-situ pipe monitoring equipment and detectors
  • Robotic systems for pipe inspection and monitoring
  • Sealed sources and counting standards
  • Semi-portable decontamination equipment
  • Air monitoring equipment

Please contact us if you have a need that is not covered by the above information. Please contact us and we will be glad to assist you. Remember our Emergency Response Hotline at (877) 787-8721 for 24-hour service.

  • Hand held instruments / detectors
  • Lab instruments
  • Calibration sources
  • Decontamination equipment
  • Environmental sampling equipment

Our Projects

Solutient Technologies has earned a solid reputation as a small business industry leader and national provider of full-scope radiological services, environmental consulting, and remediation services designed to meet the varied needs of governmental and industrial clients. Our technical excellence, depth of resources, financial strength, national presence, and client focus are the basis for our reputation of providing responsive, high quality, and innovative services.

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We understand the need to complete these types of projects safely and expeditiously to protect the health and safety of residents and workers in areas thought to be contaminated. Allow Solutient to assess your property and provide you with the tools to restore your peace of mind.

Please forward an electronic copy of Solutient's Ohio Radioactive Materials License.

Please forward an electronic copy of Solutient's Ohio Radioactive Materials License.