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Risk Assessment & Risk Management

Solutient Technologies has developed risk assessment and risk management programs to optimize remediation project objectives and routinely implements appropriate control measures to minimize worker exposure, accelerate remediation, and limit our clients’ legal and financial exposure.

Prior to performing any remediation activities, an ALARA review and a risk assessment are conducted to predict the potential for adverse events. Using a matrix to evaluate these potential events, Solutient determines if certain planned actions are acceptable or unacceptable, and if unacceptable, alternative procedures are employed to maintain safety and reduce risk.

Strict adherence to this program furthers Solutient’s mandate to ensure that all field activities are conducted in a manner that protects our employees, our subcontractors and our clients.

Proactive Risk Reduction

These same risk management programs are used to assess and manage risk at our clients’ operating facilities. For example, Solutient performed a detailed risk assessment of a major steel manufacturing firm’s scrap metal handling procedures and radiation monitoring systems.

Our recommendations were detailed in a final report presented to senior management. As a result, major changes were implemented to our client’s risk management policies and procedures thereby eliminating major financial and liability exposure.

Optimize Remediation Programs

  • Minimize Worker Exposure
  • Accelerate Remediation
  • Limit Client’s Financial Exposure

Reducing Radiological Risks

  • Evaluate Policies and Procedures
  • Support Decision-Making
  • Design Contingency Plans
  • Provide On-Going Training

Our Projects

Solutient Technologies has earned a solid reputation as a small business industry leader and national provider of full-scope radiological services, environmental consulting, and remediation services designed to meet the varied needs of governmental and industrial clients. Our technical excellence, depth of resources, financial strength, national presence, and client focus are the basis for our reputation of providing responsive, high quality, and innovative services.

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We understand the need to complete these types of projects safely and expeditiously to protect the health and safety of residents and workers in areas thought to be contaminated. Allow Solutient to assess your property and provide you with the tools to restore your peace of mind.

Please forward an electronic copy of Solutient's Ohio Radioactive Materials License.

Please forward an electronic copy of Solutient's Ohio Radioactive Materials License.