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Facility Decontamination

Solutient Technologies addresses our clients’ specific contamination problems with the most reliable, cost effective and safe decontamination techniques available. Whether utilizing traditional techniques or more advanced techniques for cleaning, restoration and selective decontamination of delicate or irregular surfaces, Solutient has experience in safely and cost effectively decontaminating it.

Advanced Technologies

Solutient Technologies utilizes the patented Advanced Recyclable Media System (ARMS™) to remove and absorb low-level radioactive contaminates and hazardous materials from almost any surface. This technology uses a soft recyclable fiber reinforced polymer matrix media (sponge) which can be manufactured in various grades of abrasiveness.

The fiber media can be:

  • Remade and/or reused up to 20 times
  • Can clean almost any surface
  • Used for any geometry including corners, against walls, around equipment, inside air ducts
  • Other areas where traditional techniques are not effective

Traditional Techniques

  • Scabbling
  • Scarifying
  • Needle Guns
  • CO2 Blasting
  • Shot and Sand Blasting
  • High-Pressure Water Blasting

ARMS™ Technical Reports

Our Projects

Solutient Technologies has earned a solid reputation as a small business industry leader and national provider of full-scope radiological services, environmental consulting, and remediation services designed to meet the varied needs of governmental and industrial clients. Our technical excellence, depth of resources, financial strength, national presence, and client focus are the basis for our reputation of providing responsive, high quality, and innovative services.

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We understand the need to complete these types of projects safely and expeditiously to protect the health and safety of residents and workers in areas thought to be contaminated. Allow Solutient to assess your property and provide you with the tools to restore your peace of mind.

Please forward an electronic copy of Solutient's Ohio Radioactive Materials License.

Please forward an electronic copy of Solutient's Ohio Radioactive Materials License.